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    The requirements for the content of explosive coal gas and methane in the surrounding air during the operation of the winch must not exceed the safety content stipulated in the Coal Mine Safety Regulations

    The winch work around in the air, methane coal dust explosion gas content requirements
    no security content than the "coal mine safety regulations" provisions
    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch

    The winch should be at an ambient temperature of -10 ? ~ + 40 ?, and the relative humidity of the environment should not exceed 95%
    (+ 25 ?), work under the condition that the altitude should not exceed 1000 meters.

    Introduction of two-speed winch
    The two-speed winch is an explosion-proof winch, which is mainly used for the movement, fall and transportation of the hydraulic support on the coal mining face under the environment of coal dust or explosive gas in the coal mine. The weight has two speeds and two traction forces.

    Overload operation is strictly prohibited!
    Forbidden overload operation!

    Power off is strictly prohibited!
    No blackout humping!

    It is strictly forbidden to carry people or promote!
    Strictly for the manned or promotion!

    The electrical products supporting the winch must have a safety certificate during the validity period!
    Electrical products winch matching must have the safety standard certificate within the period of validity!

    Shifting of the winch under normal operation or on a slope is strictly prohibited!
    Winch in the normal operation or ramp load is prohibited under the shift!

    Use range of two-speed winch
    This winch can be used for auxiliary transportation work such as the removal of comprehensive mining equipment and various mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mining working faces of coal mines. It can also be used for mining cart dispatching in underground mining working faces, underground yards, uphills and downhills, coal mine grounds, For material transportation, the slope used for uphill and downhill shall not be greater than 25 ?. It can also be used for the back column roofing of the mining face. The winch has two speeds, fast and slow, and can change speed and traction according to the needs of the site to work under different conditions.

    The model of the winch consists of the product name code and the main parameter code.

    Winch type by the product name, code of two parts of main parameters
    Two speed winch

    Maximum static tension of outer rope at slow speed, unit: 10KN


    The second characteristic code (no self-locking ability)

    The first feature code (two-speed multi-purpose)


    Two speed winch

    Due to different production batches and specific models, the pictures are for reference only. Please contact our sales staff for specific verification.

    The winch is driven by a motor through a coupling with a brake wheel, a reduction gearbox, and a one-stage open gear transmission. The winch is supported by rolling bearings. The base is welded by profile steel.

    Winch motor through the coupling with the brake wheel, gear box, a gear transmission driven rotating drum
    Winch internal transmission parts are made of rolling bearing, the base is made of welded steel profiles
    • electric motor
    • Base
    • Coupling
    • Electro-hydraulic block brake
    • Gearbox
    • Reel device
    • Low-speed braking device

    The reduction gear box is the driving heart of the winch. There are two speeds. One is the slow transmission position.
    The fast transmission position is achieved by the speed-adjusting handle sliding the sliding gear to mesh with the ring gear.

    The gearbox is the transmission of heart winch, a total of two kinds of speed, a slow drive position,
    Fast transmission speed position by hand so that the sliding gear engaged with the inner gear ring, then realize the rapid transmission.

    Structural features of two-speed winch
    The winch has a long shape, which is convenient for the relocation and fixing of the winch. The width and height of the winch are small, which is suitable for working under the conditions of narrow underground space. The structure of the winch is simple and compact. Simple operation, as long as the speed control handle, opening and closing control button switch can be easily used.

    Two speed winch

    Two-speed winch lubrication and sealing
    The lubrication of the winch is not only related to the normal work of the winch, but also directly affects the life of the winch, so the lubricant must be replaced in a timely manner. The oil quality of the lubricating oil must meet the requirements and must not be mixed with impurities such as dust, dirt, iron filings, and water. Closed gear transmission lubricating oil uses 250 # load industrial gear oil. The highest oil level in the reduction gear box should not exceed one third of the diameter of the large bevel gear, and the minimum oil level should not be less than one third of the width of the large bevel gear. The rolling bearings in the closed transmission case are all lubricated with oil.

    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch
    • Two speed winch

    Two-speed winch lubrication and sealing
    Open gear transmission and rolling bearings use calcium-sodium-based grease (SY1403-77). The amount of grease in each rolling bearing must not exceed two-thirds of its capacity. It should be refueled or replaced every 3-6 months. For new or overhauled winches, the lubricating oil in the reduction gear box must be replaced and cleaned after half a month of operation to remove metal fines from the transmission parts. The split surface of the reduction gear box and each sealing surface shall not allow oil leakage after sealing, and apply sealant to each sealing surface.

    The winch supporting electrical products are explosion-proof, and must have a safety certificate during the validity period.

    Winch electric products are explosion-proof, must have the safety standard certificate within the period of validity
    Two speed winch

    Inspection of steel wire ropes, steel wire ropes shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Coal Mine Safety Regulations

    Check the wire rope, wire rope should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the "coal mine safety regulations".
    Two speed winch

    Check whether the steel wire is firmly consolidated, whether the connecting bolts are tight, and the winch is installed firmly, etc.

    Check the wire rope consolidation is reliable, the connection bolts are tightened, winch are firmly installed etc.

    Assembly, adjustment and commissioning of two-speed winch
    The winch should check the number of parts before assembly, and repair all parts. Clean and prevent iron filings and dust from entering the winch. All rolling bearings must be heated in oil (generally heated at 90-120 C) for assembly. Do not hit hard to prevent parts from being deformed. The winch should be assembled first and then assembled. Before the final assembly, it should be assembled into two main parts: the speed reducer and the reel device.

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