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    China Coal Group

    Rock drilling trolley

    Flexible mobility, stable work, improved safety and efficiency, and reduced labor intensity.
    China Coal Group

    Rock drilling trolley

    Product description
    Anatomy of a Rock Drilling Trolley

    Rock drilling rig is a device for installing one or more rock drilling rigs together with a propeller on a special drill arm, equipped with a chassis, and performing rock drilling operations.
    Reasonable application of rock drilling rigs is an important way to increase mining speed.

    Auxiliary equipment frame travel mechanism of rock drill drill arm steel structure

    Structure of rock drilling trolley

    It is mainly composed of rock drill, drill arm, steel frame, running mechanism and other necessary auxiliary equipment, and equipment added according to the needs of the project.

    Rock drilling rigs are widely used

    Rock drilling trolleys are widely used in the construction of highways, railways, water conservancy, mining and national defense projects, and have become underground projects, mining, road tunnels,
    Indispensable machinery and equipment in railway tunnel construction.

    China Coal Group

    Rock drilling trolley

    Product details
    Has 5 advantages
    Durable performance, widely used in various occasions, safe and reliable
    Durable performance Widely used to meet a variety of occasions Safe and reliable.
    Excellent selection
    ???? Durable material
    ???? Durable Professional Processing
    ???? Professional working efficiently
    ???? Work efficiently and quickly
    Rock drilling trolleyRock drilling trolley
    01.Full hydraulic control
    Full hydraulic control

    Convenient and flexible, you can adjust the speed, torque, thrust axial pressure, reverse axial pressure, thrust speed, and lifting speed of the rig at any time to meet the needs of different drilling tools and different construction processes.

    Rock drilling trolleyRock drilling trolley
    02. Cycloidal motor has high turning torque
    Cycloid motor has large turning torque

    The rock drilling platform is equipped with a cycloid motor and a planetary gear gyrator, which has the characteristics of large turning torque, high efficiency and durability.

    Rock drilling trolleyRock drilling trolley
    03. Multi-cylinder engine is powerful
    Multi-cylinder engine

    The multi-cylinder engine of the Rock Drilling Trolley Famous Factory provides powerful power for the hydraulic system, reliable quality and professional manufacture.

    Rock drilling trolleyRock drilling trolley
    04. Walking chassis
    Walking chassis stable

    The rock drilling rig uses power steering, a sturdy collision-resistant heavy chassis, diesel, and four-wheel drive. It has the characteristics of fast walking speed and high maneuverability for operation, and improves work efficiency.

    Rock drilling trolley

    China Coal Group Rock Drilling Trolley

    High rock drilling hardness, fast drilling speed, low drill tool consumption, and low failure rate
    Rock drilling rig
    High rock drilling hardness, fast drilling speed, low
    consumption of drills and low failure rate.
    China Coal Group

    Rock drilling trolley

    Instructions for use
    Excellent performance

    The two arms of the rock drilling trolley are set as two independent hydraulic systems, the drill arm is retractable, and the work covers a large area; there is a work service platform between the two arms, which is convenient for workers to work at height. Suitable for cross section (width height) 1m 9.2m, crawling ability ?15 , walking speed up to 15km / h.


    The rock drilling trolley system is equipped with functions such as automatic stop of impact at the end point, automatic prevention of jamming, and induction of slag. The structure of the whole machine has strong rigidity, low center of gravity, flexible mobility, and stable work, which not only improves safety and work efficiency, but also reduces the work intensity of workers.

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