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    Product Overview

    Product overview

    Slag picking machine

    (Mucking Loader), also known as backhoe loader. The slag picking machine is connected by a manipulator and a conveyor. The slag picking and conveying loading functions are combined into one. The electric full hydraulic control system and production equipment are used. Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

    Grilled slag machine (Mucking Loader), also known as excavating Loader, grilled slag machine is by the manipulator
    joint with conveyor, grilled slag transport loading function 2 for one, and the use of electric hydraulic control
    system and production equipment, has a safe environmental protection, the characteristics of low
    energy consumption, high efficiency.

    Slag picking machine Slag picking machine Slag picking machine Slag picking machine Slag picking machine

    Applicable to construction machinery for tunnel excavation, mining engineering, water conservancy engineering, etc. and small cross-section diversion tunnels, mining slag (mining) machinery,

    It is mainly used for the collection and transportation of crushed stone materials in some non-explosive hazardous mines such as narrow production liquid space, small-scale phosphate rock, metal or non-metal mines, etc.

    It has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Advanced mining equipment essential for mines and small tunnels

    The slag picking machine has the advantages of small drag resistance, clean shipment, fast loading speed, low power, energy saving and power saving, and has successfully replaced most machinery.

    It has become the first choice for construction projects such as mining projects and water conservancy projects, helping these projects greatly reduce the construction cost, speed up the construction speed, and improve the quality of the project.

    Product features

    Product features

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    • 01

      The slag picker uses electric full hydraulic transmission

      Compact structure, large propulsion force, wide picking range, full-section rock loading, no dead angle, no manual auxiliary cleaning required

    • 02

      The main action is controlled by a pilot valve

      The machine is easy and simple to operate, works smoothly and without impact, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

    • 03

      With excellent humanized design

      The hydraulic system is air-cooled, with seats, a cab, and an overload alarm system for the motor. The driver operates the machine safely, easily, and comfortably, which greatly reduces labor intensity.

    Product structure of slag picker

    Product structure

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    Backhoe mechanism

    The backhoe mechanism is mainly composed of rotary oil cylinder, boom, boom oil cylinder, forearm, forearm oil cylinder, bucket, bucket oil cylinder and chain frame.

    Controlling the expansion and contraction of the swing cylinder can turn the boom left and right, controlling the expansion and contraction of the boom cylinder can move the boom up and down, controlling the expansion and contraction of the boom cylinder can move the boom back and forth, and controlling the expansion and contraction of the bucket cylinder can complete the digging action of the bucket. The bucket is equipped with teeth and can be replaced when worn.

    Control of rotary cylinder telescopic arm can make the big rotary, control arm oil cylinder telescopic can make big arm moves up and down, to control the lower oil cylinder movement before and after scaling can make the forearm, control the bucket cylinder telescopic complete mining action can make the bucket. After the bucket with bucket teeth, wear can be replaced.

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    Transport trough mechanism

    The transportation tank is mainly composed of a transportation tank, a tank lifting cylinder, a main transmission part, a scraper chain, a driving sprocket, a driven sprocket, and a hydraulic motor for transportation.

    The tank is lined with imported wear-resistant plates. The scraper and the master (slave) sprocket are made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel. Controlling the expansion and contraction of the lifting tank can make the transport tank rise and fall to meet the needs of work or walking respectively. Start the forward rotation of the hydraulic motor to drive the scraper chain to carry the material from the material port to the end of the transport tank for unloading. Under normal working conditions, the transport tank hydraulic motor must not be reversed.

    Tub is lined with a imported wear plate, scraper and main (from) dynamic chain wheel is made of high strength wear resistant alloy steel. Control lift slot can make transport pan lifting oil cylinder telescopic, to meet the needs of the work or walking, respectively. Start the hydraulic motor is turned to drive scraper chain stone from the mouth to the material conveying trough rear unload, under normal working condition, transport pan never reversible hydraulic motor.

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    Track walking assembly

    The track walking assembly is mainly composed of track frame, driving sprocket, guide wheel, track roller, carrier block, chain link, track plate, buffer spring, tension cylinder, travel gearbox and travel hydraulic motor. .

    The function of this assembly is to travel, and the second is to shovel material. The starting hydraulic motor decelerates through the traveling reduction gear box and drives the sprocket to drive the crawler. The guide wheel supports the chain link and guides the track to be properly wound to prevent the track from slipping out laterally. The track roller is used to transfer the weight of the body to the track and move the body along the track section. It is also used to clamp the track so that it does not slip laterally. When turning, the track is forced to slide laterally on the ground.

    he function of the assembly is a driving, 2 it is to shovel stone material. Start the motor after walking reducer reducer, drive sprocket drive crawler running. Guide wheel bearing caterpillar track section and guide track right winding prevent track horizontal slip. Roller is used to transfer the weight of the body to the track, and make the body movement along the guide rail section, it is also used for clamping the treads, make its not horizontal slippage, in turn, the forced track lateral sliding on the ground.

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    Rack body

    The frame body mainly connects the major components of the whole machine, and provides the installation space for the driver's cab and various hydraulic operating elements.

    The track beam and the frame are detachably connected by high-strength bolts and flat keys. The middle of the frame is hinged with a transport slot, the fuel tank assembly on both sides of the frame, the motor oil pump assembly, the radiator, the electric control box, the seat, the driver Room and other components, the bottom of the rack is equipped with a drawbar.

    Track beam and frame by high strength bolt and flat key removable type connection, hinged frame central conveying trough and frame on both sides of the oil tank assembly, motor oil pump assembly, radiator, electric cabinet, chairs, cab parts, such as traction rod at the bottom of the racks.

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    Motor oil pump assembly

    The motor oil pump assembly is composed of electric motors, double plunger pumps, double gear pumps, and couplings. Among them, gear pumps with large displacements are specialized power sources for radiator oil motors, and gear pumps with small displacements are specialized For pilot use.

    The double plunger pump provides hydraulic power for the backhoe mechanism, the conveyor scraper chain, and the crawler.

    Double piston pump providing a backhoe, transmission scraper chain and crawler walking hydraulic power.

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    Hydraulic operating system

    The hydraulic operating system is mainly composed of quadruple valve, five-way reversing valve, check valve, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, oil suction filter, return oil filter, hydraulic oil air cooling device, pressure measuring device and manual It consists of hydraulic components such as pilot valve and pedal pilot valve.

    The above components are connected to the boom, forearm, swing arm, bucket, left walking, right walking, left conveyance motor, right conveyance motor, lifting tank, nine main oil channels and boom hydraulic control, forearm hydraulic control, shovel via oil pipes. There are six pilot control oil circuits: bucket hydraulic control, rotary hydraulic control, left-traveling hydraulic control, and right-traveling hydraulic control.

    Above components by the tubing connection big arm, forearm, revolving arm, bucket, left to walk conveyor motor, right, left or right conveyor motor, carried a total of nine main lines and large arm hydraulic control, lower fluid control, bucket hydraulic control , walking hydraulic controlled rotary fluid control, left or right walking hydraulic control a total of six pilot control hydraulic system.

    Operation rules of slag picker

    Operating procedures

    1. Before starting the slag-scraper, carefully check the slag-scraper to understand and grasp the condition of the slag-scraper. This inspection includes inspection of hydraulic systems and parts, as well as inspection of all parts involved in safety, to ensure safe operation and complete equipment working conditions.

    2. The slag removing machine is a very professional job. The personnel who operate the slag picking machine should have professional training or have relevant driving qualifications. It is forbidden to operate the slag removing machine without training and flying professionals. So as to avoid security accidents.

    3. During the operation of the slag digger, it should be kept as slow as possible, and it should be kept as stable as possible during work. If there is abnormal noise or movement of the car body, it should be stopped and inspected immediately. After the work is completed, the bucket should be placed on the ground. You should also keep a safe distance during work and do not allow people to approach.

    Technical parameters

    Technical parameter


    ZWY-60 / 15T



    Applicable environment

    Suitable for 2.4 * 2.4 or more mines



    Maximum Mineral Passing Size

    650 * 430

    Minimum distance from the ground


    Max.lifting height of material rack mm


    Loading height of material rack


    Suitable for loading car length


    Maximum elongation of the bucket


    Maximum lifting height of the bucket


    Power KW


    Height of driver's head from ground mm


    Maximum slope of conveyor


    Overall dimensions mm

    6400 * 1730 * 1580

    Machine weight kg


    Swing angle of boom


    Travel speed km / h

    2.5 / 1.4

    Maximum digging force KN


    Loading efficiency of slag loading T / h


    Customer Evaluation

    Customer evaluation
    Customer Evaluation
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