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    Tunnel rig
    E nergy efficient

    Tunnel rig

    Suitable for water exploration, water injection, gas hole exploration and geological exploration,
    Slope anchoring and other drilling construction.

    As our rig customer, every choice is crucial!

    Stable and reliable

    E nergy efficient

    Tunnel rig

    ???? product detail presentation

    Tunnel rig

    Full range

    Tunnel drilling rig refers to the full hydraulic tunnel drilling rig for coal mines. The fully hydraulic tunnel drilling rig for coal mines mainly uses cemented carbide and diamond composite drill bits for rotary drilling. Our company's main production specifications are: ZDY-660, ZDY-1200, ZDY-2000S.

    Fully configured and safe

    The coal mine tunnel rig uses a full hydraulic structure, which is divided into three parts: the main machine, the pump station and the console. The main machine is a split structure.
    Can be further disassembled for easy handling.

    Tunnel rig
    Power Head
    Tunnel rig
    Pumping station
    Tunnel rig
    Column frame
    Tunnel rig
    Full hydraulic drilling rig

    The tunnel drilling rig mainly uses cemented carbide and diamond composite drill bits for rotary drilling. At the same time, it can also be equipped with large-diameter spiral drill rods and coring drill bits to meet different drilling requirements. The drilling rig is a power head type base structure full hydraulic drilling rig.

    Tunnel rig

    Excellent drill

    Increased continuous use time at high temperatures

    Tunnel rig
    ???? Product advantage display
    01 uses
    Wide range of applications

    Tunnel drilling rigs are mainly used for drilling gas drainage (drainage) holes, anti-outburst holes, grouting fire extinguishing holes, coal seam water injection holes, geological exploration holes and other engineering holes in coal mines. They are particularly suitable for near-300 horizontal holes in coal mines and Allows use of 900.

    02 Power
    Strong transmission capacity, stable and reliable operation

    Tunnel rig adopts hydraulic transmission mechanism, which has the characteristics of large drilling capacity, fast speed, simple operation, stable and reliable work, and convenient mobile installation.

    Tunnel rig

    Tunnel rig

    • high speed
    • easy to use
    • stable job
    Wide range of uses

    Tunnel rigs are divided into two types of derrick and stand, which are adapted to local conditions. Equipped with a high-pressure water generator and a high-pressure sealed drill pipe, the drilling rig can cut seams with low gas permeability, thereby improving gas drainage efficiency and greatly shortening drainage time.

    ???? Product specification

    ????????????????,??????????,??????????????????????? Before installing and driving, check whether the drilling rig is installed smoothly and reliably, and whether the fasteners are loose. Check if the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank in the gearbox is insufficient.

    ?????????,?????????,???????????????,?????????????? Details When tightening the drill rod with a moving chuck, tighten the tile bolts evenly, and check the length of the tile bolts exposed from the chuck body to prevent the tile bolts from touching the feed cylinder.

    ?????????????????????????????????,????? Every time you start, you should check the direction of rotation of the motor, whether the water supply device is flexible, and whether the water supply hose is fixed to prevent rotation.

    ????????????????????????,???????? There are abnormal sounds, vibrations, heat and oil leakage during the turning process. Stop and check immediately.

    ?????????????? The two brakes of the brake winch cannot be braked simultaneously.

    ?????????? Loaded winches must not be overloaded.

    ??????????,???????? When the safety spring chuck is released, the vertical shaft is not allowed to rotate.

    Tunnel rig
    ???? Product parameter reference
    project ZDY-660 ZDY-1200S
    Rated torque (Nm) 660 1200
    Rated torque (Nm) 140/270 80 ~ 280
    Drilling depth (m) 150/100 300/200
    Drilling diameter (mm) ?75 ~ ?110 ?75 ~ ?115
    Drill rod diameter (mm) ?42 / ?50 ?42 / ?50
    Coreless drill (mm) ?75 ~ ?110 ?75 ~ ?115
    Spindle adjustment range 90 90
    No-load speed (r / min) 0 ~ 150/0 ~ 300
    Feed capacity kN 27 36
    To the process mm 650 650
    Lifting capacity kN 40 50
    Motor rated power (kW) 15 twenty two
    System rated pressure (Mpa) 16 twenty one
    Host dimensions (mm) 1800 620 1300 1970 710 1460
    Rig weight (kg) 900 1360
    ???? Company Profile

    "Reputation is life, quality and survival." This is the principle that all employees of China Coal Group adhere to and is also the goal of striving for it.

    Business Scope

    Shandong China Coal Engineering Mineral Resources Group Co., Ltd. is a large B2B e-commerce company in the province. It has more than 200 e-commerce professionals with a bachelor's degree, 28 trade staff, 16 software engineers, and 36 network technicians.

    Mainly engaged in various types of tunnel drilling rigs , which have been sold to 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions, exported to more than 100 regions such as the United States, France, Canada, etc., and supported large coal mines such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Shanxi, and Shandong Energy Group. And construction of high-speed railways and tunnels.

    "Reputation is life, quality and survival." This is the principle that all employees of China Coal Group adhere to and is also the goal of striving for it.

    Strength display

    The group has successively been appraised as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology E-commerce Innovation Pilot Enterprise, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Brand Cultivation Pilot Enterprise, the Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise, the Chinese Machinery Industry Enterprise, the Top 10 Chinese Operating Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise, the China Cross-Border E-commerce Talent Training Base, and China Internet E-Commerce Industry enterprises, Shandong province e-commerce certification enterprise, Shandong province e-commerce demonstration enterprise, Shandong province cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprise, Shandong province informationization demonstration unit,
    Shandong Industry Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise, Shandong Province E-commerce Public Service Certification Enterprise,
    Leading enterprises in Jining industrial clusters, president units of Jining E-commerce Association,
    Jining Industrial Internet Innovation Association.

    "Reputation is life, quality and survival." This is the principle that all employees of China Coal Group adhere to and is also the goal of striving for it.

    Company style

    In recent years, China Coal Group is committed to becoming a competitive information service industry group, a large-scale intelligent equipment manufacturing group, a high-tech technology industry group, and a diversified logistics group. Corporate responsibility for customers and employees is a solid foundation for the company's commitment to development, and has achieved a bumper harvest of economic and social benefits.

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